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Hsoi Enterprises is a specialist in developing mobile apps. Here's what we've been working on.

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    2015-10-19 - PanemQuotidianum Update

    Addressed a few issues in PanemQuotidianum, and the result is v1.3.1 - in the App Store. Download now!

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    2015-09-20 New Release - HELargeCenterTabBarController

    A new open source library, HELargeCenterTabBarController. Read more…

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    2015-09-19 - HEAlert and HEAnalytics, now with Swift 2 support!

    Open source libraries, HEAlert and HEAnalytics, have been updated to work with Apple's iOS 9, Xcode 7, and the Swift 2 language. Read more…

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    2015-05-08 - New Release - HEAlert

    More open source software released: HEAlert - because sometimes you just want to alert 'OK'.

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    2015-04-30 - PanemQuotidianum

    PanemQuotidianum 1.3 is now available.


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