AAR: Women’s self-defense clinic, KSW Oak Hill

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Today I had the pleasure of participating in a Woman’s Self Defense Clinic put on by Kuk Sool Won of Oak Hill.

This clinic was different.

Sure, it has its share of the hard, physical skills, but what Tim King (owner, chief instructor, and old friend) wanted to do was impart knowledge. It’s just not 4 hours of palm striking and groin kicking, but an understanding that self-defense is so much more. It’s mindset, it’s tactics, it’s awareness, it’s all the soft, mental skills that really do so much for you and hopefully keep you from having to deploy hard skills.

In this class (class 2 of 4), Tim wanted me to come in and speak about firearms. I wore my KR Training shirt and spoke as a KRT assistant instructor about the role of firearms in self-defense. I wish I had more time to talk because I barely scratched the surface, but between what I said and some handouts, I hope I at least framed things well for the ladies and hopefully gave them something to think about… plus knowledge of where to go for more information and firearms-specific training if they wanted it.

One highlight for me? I stuck around and helped with the physical skills part. Working side-by-side with Tim felt like old times. 🙂

I really like what Tim is doing. It’s a different twist on “women’s self-defense”, and I think it’s the right twist. I’m happy and privileged to be a part of it. Hopefully I’ll see one or more of these women at a future KR Training course.


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