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Texas Department of Public Safety has worked to move more of their Concealed Handgun Licensing administra online. That’s good!

I received a letter some months back saying my CHL instructor certification was up for renewal. I went online, filled out the paperwork, paid the fee, sent in the requested documentation. I check the DPS website to see the status of my renewal application, and most everything was in order. I mostly focused on the background check still being in progress and figured that just takes time.

But it’s been 2 months now. Certainly it shouldn’t take that long?

I phoned up. Only on hold a few minutes before I was put through to a person. They looked at my records and it seems that 1. the forms I had to mail in I didn’t really need to mail in, 2. the stuff I needed to do to complete my application it didn’t tell me that I needed to complete it. So, the system is getting better, more online, more automated, but still some kinks in the system. Apparently I didn’t do the online instructor exam. Well, I didn’t know I needed to do that, nothing ever in the process told me I needed to do that… and so I kept waiting. But the gentleman on the phone pointed me where to go, I took it, I passed. And now the process continues… still waiting on the background check it would seem. I do wonder what the hold-up is there, but I’m going to guess just red tape.

Anyways, I am happy to see DPS is getting better with their system and I write this in hopes they can take it as feedback towards continuing to work the bugs out and get the system working 100% smoothly.

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