Safety Fail

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I taught a handgun shooting private lesson this morning.

We did it at the local indoor range. I did my best to discourage the student from using that range, but he put forth reasons why he wanted to go there and well… this is about serving the student and their needs, so be it. Honestly, it wouldn’t be as horrible if it were any other time of the year, but being we’re at the start of deer hunting (gun) season, it’s going to be loud and flinch-inducing there.

And sure it was.

Gentleman on the lane next to us was going through many rifles… I caught a glimpse of a box of ammo and saw “7mm” and “magnum”. Yeah.. that’ll rattle your fillings loose on an indoor range. *sigh*

The fail?

The man kept taking his rifles off the bench, to/from the cases on the floor behind him.

When you sign in at the range, they tell you explicitly to NOT (un)case your rifles that way. That you are to put the case on the bench, muzzle downrange, then (un)case the rifle thus the muzzle is only ever downrange.

So either the gentleman didn’t listen to the instructions, failed to follow the instructions, or the range folk didn’t tell him (unlikely).

The next fail?

As the man was handling his rifle in this unsafe manner, one of the employees was just a few bays away… head down… tapping away on his phone. He was oblivious to what was occurring on the range. Most of the time I saw him sweeping brass so maybe it wasn’t his job to enforce the rules and safe handling — but that’s hogwash. It’s everyone’s job to deal with unsafe gun handling.

And I did. Later when I saw the gentleman moving his rifle to the case I stopped him, told him the correct procedure, and he did comply. Thank you, sir, for correcting your behavior and not being offended nor rude about it.

It provided a “teachable moment” for my student. He learned a lot… and that wasn’t even on the lesson plan.

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  2. Hear, hear. This was by far the most frequent and maddening rule-violation I saw as an RSO at an indoor range. Verbal instructions were not followed. Obnoxious, black on yellow, huge font signs were ignored (“users don’t read” isn’t just for web design).

    Want to strike fear into the hearts of your fellow shooters and anger your RSO? Uncase your guns behind the line and pay no heed to muzzle discipline as you mosey back to the bench!

  3. Post

    I would have been happy if the RSO’s (if in fact that’s what they are) got angry about the way this guy was handling things… but again, the “RSO” was nose-deep in his mobile phone.

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