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Just got a new email from Apple saying “Your app requires additional review time”.

That’s a new one on me.

But it’s not a new one in general. Google turns up a lot of people getting them. The guess seems to be that the reviewer is kicking it up the review chain to have a supervisor or someone else look at it, probably to double-check compliance and guideline adherence.

And a lot of people write that the results aren’t good… that it usually means rejection.

But I wonder if the results are biased here, that people only talk about it when it results in a bad situation, and those that resolve without issue don’t post online about it. So hard to say.

But yes… either way this means there’s something in the pipe that soon should be released! 🙂

Updated: I was lucky. I went from “additional time” to being released. No calls, no emails, no contact from Apple. No idea what exactly they needed additional review time, no idea what gave them pause. But it worked out fine for me.


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  1. Last Friday, I received an email like this and got rejected finally. Today, my new binary has been In Review, and the status remains In Review in the passed 24 hours. No emails, No calls so far. Hope not rejected again!

  2. Post

    If you’re able to share, why was it rejected?

    Good luck on the review process. Sometimes I wish it wasn’t such a black box.

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