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This is part 3 of a series on “Why iOS? Why not Android?”


I touched on this in the prior section on complexity.

It’s costly to develop for both iOS and Android (and any other additional platforms). The time to write the code, the time to test it. In fact, back up and consider design of the product so it works right on both platforms within the paradigm of those platforms as to how a user expects such an app to work. Then the additional design work to try to see where code can be shared, how to best provide for both platforms, what tools, what technologies, what compromises have to be made, what advantages may be set aside or have to be reinvented to allow this project to go forward. There’s a great deal more complexity involved — and this leads to a great deal more cost.

If you can afford the cost, both time and money, then certainly that’s a route that can be pursued.

But often people cannot afford the cost, so choices have to be made.

However, don’t fret! Just because you have to make a choice now doesn’t mean it’s forever. There is nothing saying you cannot do what you can now, then try to do more later. Develop the app on iOS now. Make it awesome, make it delightful, make it indispensable to your users. Are you seeing the adoption rate you want? are you seeing the revenue you need? Make your strategy incremental, so that as iOS succeeds, it forges the path to enable an Android version of your app. If all goes well, then an Android version can come when the time is right.

It comes down to managing the cost, and planning to handle it.

We can help.

So why iOS? Why not Android? We’ll wrap it up next.

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