HEAlert and HEAnalytics – Ready for Swift 2!

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With Apple’s release of iOS 9, comes the accompanying tool update to Xcode 7. One big part of Xcode 7 is a strong evolution of their new Swift programming language to Swift 2.

Two of Hsoi Enterprises open source librariesHEAlert and HEAnalytics have been updated to work with Xcode 7 and Swift 2.

Find the code on GitHub.

HEAlert is also available via Cocoapods. I want to make HEAnalytics available via Cocoapods, but there are presently issues with Cocoapods, frameworks, and static libraries (all supported analytics SDKs distribute themselves as static libraries). So until those issues are resolved, HEAnalytics is submodule only. 🙁  However, I have been looking at Carthage


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