kwikkEmail 1.0.3 – iOS 7 support

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kwikkEmail has been updated to version 1.0.3, and submitted to Apple. As of this writing, the update isn’t yet live in the App Store, but it should be within the next few days. What’s new in 1.0.3? Native iOS 7 look and feel. Minimum OS version is iOS 7. Users of prior OS versions should be able to continue to download …

New look

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Hsoi Enterprises has a new logo, new website look. Thank you to Ross McCord @ TENTAKL for the artwork. There’s a story behind the logo. I’ll tell it some day.

Programming Fonts

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When you write code for a living, you stare at a screen for endless hours in a day. And you stare at text on the screen. The text happens to frequently use characters/letters/numbers that might look similar, like a capital letter “O” vs. a zero 0, or a lowercase “l” vs. a number “1” and things like that. Depending upon …

Update coming

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Just fixed a small bug in the DR Performance Practice Deck for iOS. Obscure little thing, but it annoyed me enough I opted to fix it ahead of iOS 7 updates. I’ll announce when it’s live in the store.  

The case for native apps

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No question the world moves towards mobile. Desktop computers, big servers, they won’t go away. But mobile is growing and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be the standard for most people’s way of interacting with the world. I’ve been at this long enough and I know what many companies care about is how to deliver something as widely and …

So familiar, so unfamiliar

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It’s been so long since I’ve written Mac OS X apps. It’s been all iOS for so long. While the current project is an iOS project, I needed to home-brew a Mac app for internal use to help with data entry and editing. It all feels so foreign, yet so familiar. I also do see how much Apple is NOT …

KR Training April 2013 Newsletter

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The KR Training April 2013 Newsletter is posted. Schedule updated through the summer, with all sorts of cool things on tap. I’m looking forward to the return of DPS-BUG. Oh, and remember all my recent talk about getting medical training? Lone Star Medics is returning in September for Med-X EDC. You do not want to miss it. There’s no other class like it (that I’m aware …