DR Performance Practice Deck for iOS

A new way to practice for practical shooting sports.

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The DR Performance Practice Deck (or “PracticeDeck”, for short) represents a new way to practice for practical shooting sports. Consisting of 52 basic shooting drills superimposed on a normal deck of playing cards, the deck allows you to have a thorough, fun, and effective practice session while avoiding the inevitable question of “Well, what do I do now?”.

The original DR Performance Practice Deck is a real physical deck of cards (available here). The DR Performance Practice Deck for iOS provides features beyond what a physical deck can do, such as the ability to create and preserve your own decks for easy use in future practice sessions (available in the Pro Upgrade).


“I like it a lot!” – GunDudes Radio, episode 168

The DR Performance Practice Deck for iOS was featured in Episode 8 of GunCarrier.com’s “Everything Guns, with Amy Jane”

The Idea

A common question is, “What should I practice?” The right answer, “Everything”, is a hard thing for most folks to swallow: it’s like a big elephant – trying to eat the whole thing at once is impossible, and it’s not always obvious where to take the first bite from. USPSA GrandMaster Dave Re decided to tackle this problem, and the DR Performance Practice Deck 1.0 was created.

The “Practice Deck 1.0” focus is on basic practical shooting skills, presenting drills that involve a minimum amount of equipment, relatively short distances, and relatively easy target presentations. These properties allow it to be a sort of “every man” practice tool, suitable for dry fire as well as live fire, usable on almost any range, and that almost every shooter can benefit from.

In early 2011, John Daub spoke with Dave Re about bringing the Practice Deck to iOS (iPhone/iPod/iPad), because with the growth of mobile computing and the sheer number of people we saw at the gun range with iPhones, it made sense to bring the Deck into the digital world.


The DR Performance Practice Deck for iOS provides all the features of the original physical deck and more. The free version provides a limited number of cards and factory decks.

With the Pro Upgrade you receive all original 52 cards, numerous factory-made decks, and the ability to create, edit, and share your own decks. Furthermore, added in version 1.1 is the ability to track your progress by keeping your Scores. Scoring supports various methods, like IPSC, IDPA, and the app’s own scoring methodology. Scores can also be exported so you can work with them further in apps like Excel to further track and analyze your progress.

By creating your own decks, you can make your own custom practice sessions for easy reuse at home during dry fire then later at the range for live fire. With deck creation and score tracking, you can ensure progress in your shooting practice and training.


Before bringing the Practice Deck to iOS, Dave had many thoughts about future directions for the product. We’ve spoken about some things and have some interesting ideas about where to go from here.

If you have some ideas about what you’d like to see towards helping make your practice sessions more productive and how we could help, please contact us and let us know.

DR Performance Practice Deck for iOS

A new way to practice for practical shooting sports.

  • Version 1.3.0
  • For iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad (compatibility mode)
  • Requires at least iOS 8.4
  • Released: 2016-07-02

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Pro Upgrade

Upgrade to the Pro version to unlock all the features!

  • Score tracking
  • Create, edit, and share your own decks
  • All 52 original cards
  • Many more factory decks

Purchase the Pro Upgrade via the In-App Store (tap the Shopping Cart icon).

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