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Having problems with or questions about kwikkEmail? What can we do to help?

kwikkEmail’s mail functionality is based upon the mail support provided by iOS. All Sent and Draft mail are saved in their respective folders within your default email account. To see them, open the Mail application and select your default account. Emails you have sent will be in the Sent folder, and emails you saved as drafts will be in the Drafts folder.


2012-03-11 – A .caf file is a Core Audio Format file. It is an audio container file format developed by Apple. It is compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 and higher, and iOS 5.0. Apple created CAF files to overcome many of the limitations of other formats, like WAV and MP3.

When kwikkEmail was originally developed, .m4a files were attempted to maximize compatibility. However due to bugs in iOS 5.0, m4a was unable to be used in a reliable manner. MP3 was considered, but iOS does not support encoding MP3. Other formats risked generating audio files that were too large for efficient mailing over 3G networks. CAF was the only acceptable solution.

While CAF may not be as universal as some other formats, it’s well-supported on iOS 5 and Mac OS X 10.4 and later, so most kwikkEmail users will be just fine. If you’re on Windows, QuickTime for Windows should support CAF, and there are Windows converters for CAF files.

Hsoi Enterprises hopes the OS bugs can be fixed or another solution can be found to provide an audio solution that is robust, bug-free, and provides acceptable sound quality with minimal file size.

2012-05-09 – kwikkEmail 1.0.1 still uses .caf files as that seems Apple’s preference as well as the format that provides the least hassle and issue on the iPhone. However, the internal audio format has been written in IMA4 format, which provides for good compression while retaining high quality. Thus smaller file sizes and less of your data plan consumed when sending the files.

The audio recording functionality provided by iOS 5 and used by kwikkEmail has a bug where if the recording session is interrupted, it cannot be resumed. This is a known Apple bug, but Apple has given no workaround nor indication as to when it will be fixed. The best we can do is if interrupted, cleanly stop the recording session.


The free version of kwikkEmail inserts a “sent by kwikkEmail” tag at the bottom of each email. There are two ways to remove this:

The hard way: manually delete it every time you compose an email.

The easy way: purchase the upgrade that suppresses advertisement. This will not only remove banner ads, but it will also enable a setting that will allow you to turn off the “sent by kwikkEmail” tag.