DR Performance Practice Deck Support

Having problems with or questions about DR Performance Practice Deck for iOS? What can we do to help?

Presently the digital version of the DR Performance Practice Deck only runs on Apple’s iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad). If you would like to see it brought to Android, please let us know.

Full disclosure: as a small shop, there’s only so much we can do, so it comes down to cost vs. benefit. We would like to do an Android version, but with only so many hours in a day, it’s just a matter of determining where our efforts are best spent.

If you purchased the Pro Upgrade then did something like upgrading to a new iPhone or reinstalling, you may have “lost” your Pro Upgrade.

Not to worry!

Your purchase of the Pro Upgrade is actually associated with your Apple ID.

If you are using PracticeDeck 1.2 or later, simply tap the Shopping Cart icon to enter the Store. Tap the “Restore” button and log into the App Store using the Apple ID you used to purchase the Pro Upgrade. That should restore your previous purchases.

If you are using an older version of PracticeDeck (prior to 1.2), you have to do is “purchase” the Pro Upgrade again. So long as you use the same Apple ID as you did when you made the original purchase, the App Store will recognize this, notify you accordingly, and the Pro Upgrade will be made available. You should not be charged for this subsequent “purchase”. If you do receive a charge, please contact us and we’ll look into the matter.

Note this also means you can enable the Pro Upgrade on other devices. Have an iPhone and an iPod Touch? So long as they use the same Apple ID to purchase from the App Store, it’ll work to enable the Pro Uprgade on both devices.