Apple iOS 5 Tech Talk – Austin

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Once again, Apple put on another Tech Talk, and I was able to attend. Background As an Apple (Mac OS X, iOS) developer, the big thing every year is Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC). WWDC is a week-long event where all things technical related to Apple are discussed. Back in the old days, it was just a Mac thing, …

Domain transfers (almost) complete

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Hopefully I clicked all the right buttons and links… but it seems that my domain transfers are in progress. All should be approved, accepted, and now it’s just the wait period for the actual transfer to occur. Hopefully all will go smoothly and without hiccups or service interruptions.

on copyrights, SOPA, and education

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Because of SOPA and GoDaddy’s support of it, I’m going to be switching all my domains away from GoDaddy. I’m a little late in joining the throng; been busy, better late than never. Yeah yeah, GoDaddy claims to have dropped support. I’m not convinced the senior management truly believes SOPA is bad. I can only believe they made the public …


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I’m playing around with Xcode 4’s Storyboarding feature. Essentially, it’s the direction Apple appears to be going for designing iOS application interfaces. Whereas the old nib/xib approach was “one screen in isolation” and you had to string everything together, with Storyboarding there’s generally a single file that defines the whole of the GUI for the app: each screen, the transitions …

iOS over Android

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When it comes to software development, Hsoi Enterprises is pretty much an Apple shop. Be it Mac OS X or iOS, it’s Apple. In part, that’s due to my own bias and preference towards Apple products, a preference I’ve had since I started hacking around on my Apple //e as a kid. But these days I’m more business oriented, so …

Austin’s Tech Talent Shortage – Try Telecommuting

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Hsoi Enterprises is based out of Austin, Texas… or as some call it, “Silicon Hills”, because of how tech-oriented Austin tries to be. The local newspaper was recently lamenting about the shortage of tech talent in town. Hey Austin Tech Firms — looking for talent? User Interface? Mobile Apps? Drop me a line! What was bothersome in that article was …

A little more time with Lion and Xcode 4

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I know I’m late to the upgrade party. I’ve been sitting on Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6) and Xcode 3 for some time. It started because I know better than to change toolsets and environments in the middle of a project — stability is good. But it’s also the fact that Lion and Xcode 4 brought a lot of …

It’s about finding balance

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Alex Obenauer asserts that we should stop writing good code and start writing good software. He says: Good software trumps elaborate code. And unfortunately, you can’t usually have both. The real world has deadlines and ship dates. It’s a game of pick two: Ship on time Ship with elaborate code Ship with a fantastic product Almost always, you should pick …

Website upgrade

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Upgraded to Jetpack 1.2.1, which brought about a few things: Sharing on LinkedIn and Google+ Twitter feed on the blog pages and some other behind-the-scenes things that Jetpack can do. Also updated the WordPress theme to Masterful Business 1.2.2. Hopefully there will be no problems and only good things. 🙂

Safety Fail

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I taught a handgun shooting private lesson this morning. We did it at the local indoor range. I did my best to discourage the student from using that range, but he put forth reasons why he wanted to go there and well… this is about serving the student and their needs, so be it. Honestly, it wouldn’t be as horrible …