Better, but still a few bugs

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Texas Department of Public Safety has worked to move more of their Concealed Handgun Licensing administra online. That’s good! I received a letter some months back saying my CHL instructor certification was up for renewal. I went online, filled out the paperwork, paid the fee, sent in the requested documentation. I check the DPS website to see the status of …

See? It happens.

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Over at my personal blog I posted about what Monty Python can teach us about software development. I wrote: It takes iterations, revisions, even throwing everything out and starting over. I’m working on an iOS application right now. It’s gone through numerous iterations and revisions, each time getting better. But just about 20 minutes ago I realized that I’m going …

AAR: Women’s self-defense clinic, KSW Oak Hill

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Today I had the pleasure of participating in a Woman’s Self Defense Clinic put on by┬áKuk Sool Won of Oak Hill. This clinic was different. Sure, it has its share of the hard, physical skills, but what Tim King (owner, chief instructor, and old friend) wanted to do was impart knowledge. It’s just not 4 hours of palm striking and …

Apple developer tools futures

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Apple is moving forward. Mac OS X 10.7 “Lion” is being previewed, and Xcode 4 has been released. Both aren’t ready for prime time. I expect that with Lion, but Xcode 4? Well… it’s such a radical change that it’s more like a “1.0” release in many ways. There’s also a lot of “not ready for prime time” issues with …

Software, Guns, Martial Arts… huh?

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Most companies tend to have one direction. Apple makes cool hardware, from MacBook Pro’s to iPad’s. Wilson Combat creates some of the finest firearms. If a company does multiple things, they try to keep them in the same ballpark, like Microsoft makes Windows but also the Xbox;┬áRemington makes fine firearms and also ammunition to go in them. So what’s with …

Feedburner working?

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And with the new website, I’m working on hooking up various things. Twitter, Facebook, Feedburner and email subscription to that feed…. Just trying to get things hooked up and working.

New website

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Working on updating the Hsoi Enterprises website. New look and feel. Trying to get things ready for the future. If you encouter any problems, please let me know.