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Some years ago I opted to give up on Perl¬†and learn a new scriping language. My choices were Python or Ruby. I went with Python because, at the time, it appeared to better serve the needs at hand. I also appreciated Python’s desire to be clean, readable, and maintainable, something Perl seems to take pride is not being. Or rather …

App Stores and Paid Upgrades

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Wil Shipley writes a fantastic article about why the Mac App Store needs paid upgrades. I’d also say the iOS App Store needs paid upgrades as well. It’s perhaps a different ecosystem, but it’s still necessary. I can feel the same pain myself, because there’s that whole liking food, clothing, and shelter thing. There’s not much more to say, since …

Clang Language Extensions

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Geek time. Xcode 4.4, which is currently a developer preview for Mountain Lion (Mac OS X 10.8) will contain the llvm 4.0 compiler. There’s a few nifty things in that compiler, such as number literals, collection literals, and object subscripting. Here’s clang documentation about the new features. Very nice things. Are they totally necessary? No, we’ve gotten along without them …

Starting to git it

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Version control systems (VCS) are important in a developer’s life. It’s one way we remain sane. Long ago I used Projector. Actually before that I didn’t really use anything except making periodic clones and perhaps putting them into StuffIt archives and backing them up to 3.5″ floppy disks. But once I started using Projector and the joys of ‘ckid’ resources, …

Things are so different today

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Pardon me for a moment while I put on my “old fart programmer” hat. While doing development these days, there’s no question Internet access is critical to success and fast turnaround. Back in my early days, we had books, user groups (you know, people actually coming together in the same physical and geographical room and talking face to face), and …

Almost there…

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It’s gratifying to get to the point in developing an app when you can log into iTunes Connect (the developer “back end” for the iTunes App Store) to get the initial app setup in place. Yes, new app coming soon. A few more details on my end, waiting for some artwork… so, hopefully soon!  

-[UITableView dequeueReusableCellWithIdentifier:], Storyboard, and VoiceOver – doesn’t work

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I’m starting to explore the iOS Accessibility¬†support, specifically VoiceOver. As I was working, it was frustrating to see my app constantly crashing every time a UITableView would try to come up. Not really a crash, but a failed assertion. It’d look something like: ‘UITableView dataSource must return a cell from tableView:cellForRowAtIndexPath:’ Thing is, I was returning a non-nil cell. Or …

Apple iOS 5 Tech Talk – Austin

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Once again, Apple put on another Tech Talk, and I was able to attend. Background As an Apple (Mac OS X, iOS) developer, the big thing every year is Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC). WWDC is a week-long event where all things technical related to Apple are discussed. Back in the old days, it was just a Mac thing, …

Domain transfers (almost) complete

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Hopefully I clicked all the right buttons and links… but it seems that my domain transfers are in progress. All should be approved, accepted, and now it’s just the wait period for the actual transfer to occur. Hopefully all will go smoothly and without hiccups or service interruptions.