UUID Generator 1.1.1, CFAbsoluteTimeConverter 1.2.1

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Hsoi’s Shop existed for 17 years, and in that time a lot of products and services were created. As with most things in the world of technology, by the time you create something it’s already on the road to being obsolete. Many of the old Hsoi’s Shop offerings are now obsolete and not worth maintaining. Yes, Hsoi Enterprises assumed all of the old Hsoi’s Shop products so if there still is need for them, they are still around. But as for continuing to work on them? Unless they are somehow still relevant today, they are just relegated to history.

However, a few offerings are still of use: CFAbsoluteTimeConverter and UUID Generator. They are simple applications, nothing fancy, not even icons (hey, for a free app it’s hard to justify spending lots of money to have a graphic designer create icons… I’m not talentend in that area). But they are functional and work well. I myself still use UUID Generator in my regular programmer workflow because it is the easiest and most powerful way to generate UUID’s.

Since I have some momentum, I took the time this weekend to re-release CFAbsoluteTimeConverter and UUID Generator. They are now officially under the Hsoi Enterprises banner. They have also been tweaked for Snow Leopard, either just a simple rebuild to keep the code functioning, or like in the case of UUID Generator, updating the application’s functionality to better work with Snow Leopard’s Services architecture.

Thank you for using and supporting our products.

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