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When it comes to software development, Hsoi Enterprises is pretty much an Apple shop. Be it Mac OS X or iOS, it’s Apple.

In part, that’s due to my own bias and preference towards Apple products, a preference I’ve had since I started hacking around on my Apple //e as a kid. But these days I’m more business oriented, so I have to consider other platforms when and if it makes sense.

Naturally with mobile apps, that means considering Android.

I’m not opposed to Android — if it makes sense. The reality is, being a small shop with only so much time and resources, the payoff needs to be there. I’m afraid with Android, it just may not be there. Case in point.

Yoni Heisler at isn’t convinced. His argument is that it isn’t just the number of users, but the type of customers those users are. For the most part, developers are business people. As such, the goal is to maximize revenues while minimizing effort. Targeting iOS today as well as tomorrow is good business sense. Those users tend to be more likely to fork over money for an app, which is why Apple has been able to turn over $3.5 billion dollars back over to developers. Let that number roll around in your head for just a minute.

To enforce his point, Heisler points out that 1.3% of Android apps are paid for, whereas 13.5% of iOS apps are. Assuming that trend holds, it means Android would have to have over 10 times as many devices in use for the developers to be able to look at the market as equal.

It’s not that I want to leave Android users out. I really would prefer to bring great solutions to as many people as possible. But when time and money are limited, there’s only so much one can do. I have to do what makes good business sense, and Android’s numbers just don’t add up.

It may change… maybe Eric Schmidt’s prediction will come true. We’ll see in 6 months, I guess.

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