kwikkEmail – The kwikkest way to send email!

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kwikkEmail – The kwikkest way to send email

AUSTIN, TX (March 11, 2012) – Hsoi Enterprises LLC is proud to announce kwikkEmail™ as the kwikkest way to send email from your iPhone.

kwikkEmail allows you to get right to the business of composing and sending email.

  • Writing it
  • Snapping a picture or video
  • Selecting a photo or movie from your library
  • Recording a voice memo

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You use email to manage and organize your life, and you don’t need to wait for mail apps to launch, causing mail to be downloaded and processed, bogging down the network and device keeping you from the important task at hand — composing a new message! kwikkEmail answers this problem and simplifies the task of sending email by minimizing taps, and streamlining workflow.

kwikkEmail fully supports VoiceOver.

“I wrote kwikkEmail out of necessity,” says Chief Architect and Hsoi Enterprises LLC President, John C. Daub. “Too many mail accounts, too slow a network, too much email to manage, and my Mail app and iPhone would constantly bog down and lock up while all this mail was downloaded and processed. Meanwhile I’m sitting, waiting, wasting time, because I cannot get my needed job done: sending an email! Thus, I had to write kwikkEmail to bring some efficiency back to my iPhone’s workflow.”

kwikkEmail is available for free in the Apple App Store.

For more information, visit

About Hsoi Enterprises LLC

After 17 years, Hsoi’s Shop closed and Hsoi Enterprises LLC was opened in 2010. Based in Austin, Texas, Hsoi Enterprises provides technical consulting, and training, bringing together the worlds of mobile computing and personal defense. Hsoi Enterprises strives to provide useful products and services to solve real-world problems. More information can be found at our website:

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