Reactions to Apple’s September 2014 Special Event

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Apple just finished their Fall 2014 Special Event.

Big announcements:

  • iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
  • iOS 8 (to a marginal extent)
  • Apple Pay
  • Apple Watch

My initial thoughts and reactions.

First, whomever was in charge of the technical deployment of the live stream? Someone messed up bad. It improved as the event wore on, but a lot was missed and it greatly detracted from the excitement of the event.

Second, it seems Apple is moving away from “iStuff” names. Sure, iPhone remains, and existing i-brands stick around. But I think it’s a wise and smart move to go with “Apple”, and to use the Apple logo, instead of the word, to boot. Good marketing and branding change.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

A big step forward. Of course the market has been demanding this for a while, so Apple responded. The larger screens are of course a big thing (no pun intended), but there’s so much more. The A8 processor, the M8 motion processor, the improvements in battery life, the thinness, the improved screen resolution, the camera improvements. There’s so much that is really making this one device become the center for all things. It’s quite amazing.

As a developer, it also shows the importance of adopting Adaptive Layout and not relying so much on “iPhone vs. iPad” in terms of screen sizing. Large implications here, and it will take time for developers to fully embrace this.

iOS 8

Little to say here other than, it’s almost upon us. It also brings much technology that you can see Apple considers vital to their direction. It will be important for developers to adopt iOS 8. Many opportunities lie within.

Apple Pay

People have been wanting NFC for a long time, and finally it’s here.

It was wise for Apple to use this event to address the concerns that would naturally come with having all of your credit cards on your phone. In fact, in some regards there’s perhaps more privacy here than with physical credit card transactions. I do think it’s good that Apple is branding it themselves, but adopting existing standards as that will ease adoption but still allow Apple to promote themselves.

I look forward to seeing how the Apple Pay APIs will be available for developers to integrate purchase support into their apps.

Apple Watch

Finally, the hype and expectation is over. Well, almost, as it won’t be available until 2015.

All I want to do is get my hands on WatchKit and see how I can start to develop for this device.

The fitness aspects are obviously a big marketing angle for the product. To me, I’m not a cardio sort of person. I was a little annoyed at the constant pushing of running, walking, climbing stairs, bike riding, as what defines “fitness”. But there was some acknowledgement given to other modes of activity (see the commercial they had with the guy doing rope work), and it would be interesting to see how this could be integrated. I mean, Apple Watch and CrossFit… what could be done here, right?

Quite an exciting day. We’ll be keeping an eye on things to see what’s possible.

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