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Are you an iOS Developer?

Do you use the iOS Simulator all day long?

Do you find yourself needing to delete simulator builds? Or maybe not the whole build, just maybe the app-created data files so you could start fresh? Or maybe you need to find the installed build on disk so you can sift through the .app bundle itself for some reason (look at raw files, look at what files your app spit out, whatever).

And now with Xcode 6 totally changing the layout of the simulator folder… it’s even worse to try to navigate around to find your build in the simulator.

This is why we love SimPholders.

It’s a StatusItem app that lives on the right side of your menubar, and makes managment of your iOS Simulator files a simple breeze.

They just released SimPholders2, which is presently in alpha. Xcode 6 came out, changed things, and so they are working quickly to get things updated and working in the new world order. I appreciate the alpha release; even if everything isn’t working yet, something is better than nothing. You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone, and in just a couple days of using Xcode 6 and not being able to use SimPholders, I came to see just how much I rely on it in a day.

And yes, donate to their effort. Come on. You’re a software developer too and you appreciate it when people pay for your software. Show them some love for how they’ve made yoru life easier. 🙂

I have no affiliation with SimPholders or KF Interactive GmbH. I’m just a happy user.

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