Announcing HEAnalytics – a 100% Swift iOS solution to facilitate mobile app analytics

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Hsoi Enterprises LLC is happy to announce the release of HEAnalytics, our 100% Swift iOS library for mobile app analytics.

Find HEAnalytics on GitHub:

HEAnalytics is not an analytics platform, but rather a wrapper library – written 100% in Apple’s new Swift programming language – that abstracts away the difficulties and details in implementing mobile app analytics in your iOS app. HEAnalytics is the result of implementing analytics in numerous apps over the past few years, so this is built upon the knowledge and experience gained. The goal? To make it easier and faster to implement analytics in an app.

There’s still much to be done to make a detailed and deep library, but the code is ready for a v0.1 release. We look forward to your bug reports, feature requests, and pull requests.

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Thank you.

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