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Hsoi Enterprises LLC is excited to announce another addition to our open source code libraries:


Based on the name, you might be able to guess what it is: a UITabBarController subclass that supports an enlarged center button/tab. The center tab can be used in the typical manner where a tap switches to display the associated ViewController, or the center tab can be used in an alternate manner where the tap does not switch ViewControllers but instead executes a target-action.

Here’s what the typical use looks like:

Typical tab-like behavior

Typical tab-like behavior

And here’s what the alternative use looks like:

Alternative button-like behavior

Alternative button-like behavior

This is code I created over a year ago to solve a problem in an app I’ve been working on. A colleague needed this behavior in an app he’s working on, so I shared my code with him thinking he’d use it as inspiration for his own implementation. He told me my code satisfied his need with one minor addition (allowSwitch), so I quickly made a GitHub repository so he could use the code. Well, as long as I officially open-sourced it, I figured it would be best to make it official. So this 1.0 release brings an official distribution, license, Cocoapods support, and… I rewrote it in Swift.

While the class is fairly simple, I found the Swift implementation preferable over the Objective-C implementation because the Swift language lets me do things I cannot do in Objective-C (or I can but requires more work). For instance, optional vs. non-optional allowed me to make it clear that the two images are required, which then allowed me to remove a lot of guard code. Or that Swift supports default arguments, which allowed removal of redundant convenience functions and also allowed the API to be more concise.

Hope you like it!

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