How much time and money does it take to develop a mobile app?

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A question I’m often asked is regarding the development of a mobile app.

Just how much time and money does it cost?

The answer?

It’s complicated.

And it’s also probably more than you’re expecting.

Nine Hertz put together this infographic to give some insight into the costs:



In our experience, this infographic is reasonably in the ballpark. But as you can see, there’s a great many conditions that affect the time and development costs.

As well, this graphic doesn’t address ongoing costs. Servers, services, they have to be kept running and cost time and money. Then there’s the personnel cost for the administrators to keep those servers and services running, not to mention the developers to address bugs and add new features. Customer support is another matter to consider as well.

There are also many ways to approach this, depending upon the project need. Some projects can use many existing “service in a box” solutions, which can be less expensive and get things running sooner. But the needs of the project may require full-fledged custom solutions and integrations, which of course will be more costly in time and money to implement.

So really, there is no one easy answer. Every project, every idea, every concept, must be considered on its own merits.

If you have questions, just ask.

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