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If I had to choose one thing that, in 2015, made a significant impact on our goings on at Hsoi Enterprises?

It’d have to be Swift.

Apple’s new programming language, Swift, has been a huge boon to what we’ve been doing at Hsoi Enterprises.

It’s not just the open source, be it HEAlert, HEAnalytics, or HELargeCenterTabBarController.

It’s general productivity.

The Swift language has truly made for better productivity, better code, fewer bugs. What’s extra cool is we’re still learning: the whole community is still learning, still discovering the potential that comes from Swift.

Some of it is really simple stuff, like using CGFloat. No more conversion and casting issues when using float, double, and CGFloat in 32- vs. 64-bit environments. No, I can just use a CGFloat and be done with it. It seems like a small deal, but not having to rebuild different architectures while coding merely to clear up such compiler warnings makes for a big productivity gain during the day.

Some if it is language constructs, like guard helping to make code flow better and be more readable.

Then my favorite is the power of Enumerations. Enums in Swift are so much more than simple integers, and that brings a great deal of improvement in terms of what you can do. As an example, Natasha The Robot’s simple solution using protocols, extensions, and enums to make working with segue identifiers easier, type-safe, and having the compiler help you write better code.

With all this win in 2015, we look forward to what 2016 will bring, especially now that Apple has released Swift as open source, and all initial signs point towards it truly being a community effort.

Thank you, Swift. Looking forward to where 2016 takes us.

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