About Hsoi Enterprises LLC

After spending 17 years at the helm of Hsoi’s Shop, in 2010 John C. “Hsoi” Daub decided to change gears and founded Hsoi Enterprises LLC, a Texas Limited Liability Company. John continues as the Member, a Manager, and CEO of Hsoi Enterprises.

In 2014, John decided to become a slave to his own grind and became a fully independent software developer, making Hsoi Enterprises his full-time, primary endeavor.

Since the day his Dad brought home an Apple //e computer, John’s been fascinated and delighted by computers, what they can do, and how they can enrich and empower people’s lives. A long-time Apple, Mac, and iOS developer, John puts the user first when creating software. What do we want the user to feel? How can we make something that’s not only useful to someone, but delights them as well? Naturally we must balance business realities, but the truly best software comes from care and fine craftsmanship.

Hsoi Enterprises continues to deliver software development and consulting services, including assuming all Hsoi’s Shop products and endeavors. Hsoi Enterprises expands to provide training in martial arts, including empty hand self-defense as well as firearms self-defense.