Ugly Baby

There’s a saying that you can’t tell a parent they have an ugly baby.

I understand the social graces behind that, but Hsoi Enterprises wants to know if we have an ugly baby.

Now if you’re just being a troll or a jerk, then go away.

But if there’s something we’re doing that’s not right, that could be better, or that is “ugly”, please let us know.

We strive to do right, to do well. We want to make great products, provide great service. We understand that you’re only as good as your word, and our reputation matters to us. We want to be known for being open, for being listeners, for being honest.

I know we won’t please everyone; we can’t. But we do want to hear from you, because we can’t read your mind nor know how our products and services are working for you unless you tell us.

Looking forward to hearing from you. 🙂

  • John C. “Hsoi” Daub
    Founder & CEO, Hsoi Enterprises LLC