I was reading an article by Dan Counsell where he asked: “Are you building an app or a business?”

I build apps, but I am working to build a business… that builds apps.

One thing in Dan’s article resonated with me, because it’s what I’ve always believed:

Build something useful, a tool that empowers people to be creative. This is the most rewarding path.

I know so many people view software as a way to get rich (quick). If they could just build the next Facebook or Angry Birds, they’d be set! I’ve never looked at what I do as a means for getting rich (quick). I really am about creating software – useful software.

In my past I’ve worked on frustrating software projects, because whereas the development team wanted to create useful software and add useful features, the “business” people wanted “bullet points on the box” – just a list of useful sounding features that would influence the purchase of the software. I grant the need for marketing, for sales, because without that there’s no electricity to keep our computers turned on. I found myself frustrated at the disconnect between writing useful software and being able to sell useful software – I know you can do both.

The user comes first. What can be done to make their life better? To empower them? Facilitate something in their life? Or perhaps just make them smile? Good software is useful – even pure entertainment is useful – for and within people’s lives (and the best software is also elegant, beautiful, and delightful in addition to being useful).

Making useful software is a driving force in how we think at Hsoi Enterprises. It’s what leads to the best software.

  • John C. “Hsoi” Daub
    Founder, & CEO, Hsoi Enterprises LLC