Virtue & Money

Virtue does not come from money, but rather from virtue comes money, and all other things good to man.Socrates

I can’t remember when I first read that Socrates quote, but I know it was after I had entered “the real world” and became disgusted at the way numerous people ran their affairs and business.

All they cared about was money. Making lots of money, and doing whatever it took to amass lots of money for themselves, including stepping on other people, sacrificing the lives and well-being of others (i.e. employees), and demonstrating a lack of integrity and honor. It bothered me, it still bothers me.

Don’t get me wrong — I love money. Money is the grease that makes the world go ’round. “Money is the material shape of the principle that men who wish to deal with one another must deal by trade and give value for value.” (Francisco’s speech from Atlas Shrugged). It enables many things to happen, including the ability to pay the bills, take care of ¬†your family, and to be able to do fun things in life. I see nothing wrong with money, nor the making of it. And if you’re one of those fortunate enough to make lots and lots of it, great.

For myself, the difference is I’m unwilling to sacrifice my integrity, my honor, my virtues, merely in the pursuit of money. The quote from Socrates sums up my feeling here. It’s how I choose to run my business, and I put it out here for the world to know this is a guiding principle of Hsoi Enterprises.

  • John C. “Hsoi” Daub
    Founder, & CEO, Hsoi Enterprises LLC