NSAssert can cause memory leaks

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I just learned something the hard way: NSAssert() can cause (hard to track down) memory leaks. They’re hard to track down because 1. you may not always have assertions turned on (e.g. debug vs. release builds), 2. it’s non-obvious in reviewing code. Note that NSAssert is a macro. Here’s how it expands: #define NSAssert(condition, desc, …) do { __PRAGMA_PUSH_NO_EXTRA_ARG_WARNINGS if …

WP Stagecoach officially launched

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WP Stagecoach has officially launched. I don’t have any affiliation with them, but last year year I used an alpha version of their product to migrate the Hsoi Enterprises website. It was a little rocky, but it was alpha software so to have been expected. Overall I really liked the product, and I was really delighted by the excellent support experience I received from Jonathan. …

Thoughts on the WWDC 2015 Keynote

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Apple’s 26th Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) kicked off yesterday with the usual keynote address, given by Tim Cook. I remember when WWDC didn’t sell out of tickets, and when the keynote was all about developer stuff and explicitly was not a horse-and-pony show for the world at large. But with the loss of other such big venues (e.g. Macworld), WWDC …

My Week with an Apple Watch

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I’m not a watch person. I haven’t worn a wristwatch in many years, and it’s become less of a need with a phone in my pocket. I just don’t need this constant reminder of the time, and if I need to know the time there are many easy ways to find it. But of course, being an Apple Developer, the announcement …

Announcing HEAlert – A convenience around UIAlertController, because sometimes you just want to say “OK”

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Hsoi Enterprises LLC is happy to announce another addition to our open source library: HEAlert. Find HEAlert on GitHub: https://github.com/HsoiEnterprises/HEAlert HEAlert is a simple convenience wrapper around UIAlertController. UIAlertController is awesome, but sometimes it’s too much. How many times do you simply alert with a message and an “OK” button? Easy with UIAlertView, but cumbersome with UIAlertController. That’s why I created HEAlert. There’s …

PanemQuotidianum 1.3 released

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Hsoi Enterprises LLC is happy to announce the release of PanemQuotidianum 1.3. This update greatly expands the library to serve you for years to come. Of course, we fixed a few bugs and adjusted a few things to keep the app running well. Thank you for your support. Download PanemQuotidianum 1.3 from the App Store.

Announcing HEAnalytics – a 100% Swift iOS solution to facilitate mobile app analytics

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Hsoi Enterprises LLC is happy to announce the release of HEAnalytics, our 100% Swift iOS library for mobile app analytics. Find HEAnalytics on GitHub: https://github.com/HsoiEnterprises/HEAnalytics HEAnalytics is not an analytics platform, but rather a wrapper library – written 100% in Apple’s new Swift programming language – that abstracts away the difficulties and details in implementing mobile app analytics in your …

Swift – (more) concise

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You have to use Apple’s new Swift language to really appreciate it. Or at least, it certainly helps. I was reading this article on Swift State Machines. The article itself is great because it shows how you can take advantage of Swift’s unique features and power to take a properly-Swift approach to state machine implementation. A key thing in making the switch from …