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PracticeDeck update coming

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Found a bug in the PracticeDeck app (white screens, under iOS 8). Submitted an update to the App Store. Now it’s up to Apple’s review team. We’ll let you know when it’s out. If you like the PracticeDeck app, please be sure to rate it 5-stars in the App Store. Your ratings and reviews mean a lot. Thank you.

Why an iPhone 6 Plus?

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Have you seen an iPhone 6 Plus? Or better, have you HELD an iPhone 6 Plus? Pretty big. Most people I know who upgraded their iPhone got the iPhone 6, because that was plenty big enough. Whether an issue of fitting in their pocket or being able to have their thumb reach the screen, the iPhone 6 Plus is just… too …

PanemQuotidianum 1.1.1 is now available

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PanemQuotidianum 1.1.1 is now available in the App Store. This release brings iOS 8 support, including a Today Widget (extension) that allows you to see your daily bread in the Notification Center. Of course, PanemQuotidianum still runs on iOS 7.1, but certainly if you’ve updated to iOS 8 you’ll want to pick up this update to PanemQuotidianum. Thank you for your support. …

The path of failure

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It’s important to consider failure. Why? Because it happens. Not “if” it happens, but “when”… because it will. Because we’re human, we make mistakes. Because things are finite, and eventually you run out. Failure will happen. The question is, have you prepared to handle it gracefully? While this applies to life, here I want to talk about it in code and programming. …

Tools We Like – SourceTree

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When I started using git a few years ago, I admit I was put off by having to go to the command line. I don’t mind the command line, but certainly I prefer a GUI when I have a choice. So being able to find a good GUI app for git was satisfied by SourceTree. Of course, a huge appeal …

Thoughts on Swift

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When Apple announced their new programming language – Swift – everyone took notice. I’ve been watching Swift with much anticipation since the announcement, but haven’t worked with it until recently. Main reason? There’s only so much time in a day and I have clients and other obligations to tend to. But still, I paid attention. Recently, Apple declared Swift 1.0 GM. At the same …

Tools we like – SimPholders

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Are you an iOS Developer? Do you use the iOS Simulator all day long? Do you find yourself needing to delete simulator builds? Or maybe not the whole build, just maybe the app-created data files so you could start fresh? Or maybe you need to find the installed build on disk so you can sift through the .app bundle itself for some …

Good software is Useful software

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I was reading an article by Dan Counsell where he asked: “Are you building an app or a business?” I build apps, but I am working to build a business… that builds apps. One thing in Dan’s article resonated with me, because it’s what I’ve always believed: Build something useful, a tool that empowers people to be creative. This is the …