Open Source

Hsoi Enterprises LLC has long been a supporter of Open Source software.

From our earliest days working with Slackware Linux distributions, contributions to the WASTE text engine, PowerPlant contributed classes, open source has been an important part our development philosophy.

Currently Available Libraries

  • Alexandria

    Alexandria is a library of Swift extensions to turbocharge your iOS development! Developed by Oven Bits, John contributed to and managed the project. Find Alexandria on GitHub

  • HEAlert

    A 100% Swift library wrapping UIAlertController, because sometimes you just want to say ‘OK’. Find HEAlert on GitHub

  • HEAnalytics

    A 100% Swift iOS library to facilitate working with mobile app analytics. Find HEAnalytics on GitHub

  • HELargeCenterTabBarController

    HELargeCenterTabBarController is a 100% Swift implementation of a UITabBarController with a lager center tab. Find HELargeCenterTabBarController on GitHub