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PanemQuotidianum supports social sharing through iOS’s built-in activity features.

To share on Facebook, first make sure you have logged into Facebook in your iOS device’s Settings. If you are properly logged in to Facebook, then the Facebook icon will appear in the Sharing dialog that appears from tapping the Share button when viewing a Slice.

You may notice sharing by other means, such as Message, Mail, Twitter, or Notes, will pre-fill the share with the entire Panem text. However sharing to Facebook may not pre-fill this text due to Facebook’s platform policy on “pre-fills”:

Platform Policy 2.3 Example and Explanation

[Developers cannot] pre-fill the user message parameter with any content the user didn’t enter themselves, even if they can edit or delete that content before sharing. This applies to posts, comments, photo captions, and photo album captions.

While it disrupts the flow of posting your Panem to Facebook, there is an easy workaround: copy and paste.

  1. Tap the Share button to display the Share Activity sheet.
  2. Tap the “Copy” icon. The sheet will copy and dismiss.
  3. Tap the Share button again.
  4. Tap the Facebook icon. The Share Activity sheet will dismiss and the Facebook share dialog will appear.
  5. Tap once in the text area. A Paste menu item should appear. Tap it to Paste the copied Panem text.
  6. Now you can Post to Facebook.