Safety Fail

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I taught a handgun shooting private lesson this morning. We did it at the local indoor range. I did my best to discourage the student from using that range, but he put forth reasons why he wanted to go there and well… this is about serving the student and their needs, so be it. Honestly, it wouldn’t be as horrible …

No XML in iOS Core Data

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I just learned the hard way that Core Data on iOS doesn’t support the XML persistent store type (only SQL, binary, and in-memory). I wonder why not? My guess is because XML may be considered too inefficient for the constraints of iOS devices. But that’s just a wild guess. It’s a bummer tho, because I like using XML while developing/debugging. It’s …

More love from the GunDudes

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Last week I mentioned how the GunDudes Radio podcast talked about the DR Performance Practice Deck for iOS. In their latest episode, Episode 169 (Oct. 15, 2011) around 58:51 into the podcast they follow-up on the earlier episode. They purchased the Pro Upgrade and… they really like the app. Thank you for the kind words, gentlemen!

on crash reporting

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Crash reporting is an important part of software development. Granted, we developers prefer if our software doesn’t crash or have bugs, but so long as software development is a human endeavor, imperfection will be part of it. The difference is how you respond to and handle such situations. Apple has actually done well at making crashes generate useful reports. Send …

Developer word breaks

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Discovered this via a Tweet from mikeash: Regain a little developer sanity in Lion: Sys Prefs->Language&Text->Text->Word Break->English (US, Computer). (ht @danielpunkass) It’s not just in Lion tho. Seems that’s been around for a while. So what does it do? From Apple’s help: The English (United States, Computer) setting is for programmers who often use combined words, such as “aKey:aValue,” and …

MFMailComposeViewController lacks get accessors

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Argh. Apple’s iOS Application Programming Guide states that well-behaved iOS applications will preserve the state of the application’s user interface. There are many reasons for this, but suffice it to say it’s A Good Thing™. Unfortunately I just hit a snag with this: MFMailComposeViewController. MFMailComposeViewController provides the ability to have in-app support for sending emails. This is handy for creating a …