Hsoi Enterprises provides training in self-defense, including both empty-hand and firearms.

Looking to get your Texas License To Carry (formerly: Concealed Handgun License)? We can help you there.

Looking to get your Texas LTC (formerly: CHL) but never shot a handgun before? We can provide you with training and support to get you ready for the course.

John presently teaches with KR Training, as Assistant Lead Instructor. John assists with many classes from beginner to advanced, and leads classes such as the Basic Pistol 1 & 2, and Defensive Pistol Skills courses. As well, John is able to provide KR Training courses, such as Basic Pistol 1, Basic Pistol 2, and Defensive Pistol Skills 1 as private courses upon request.

John has experience in:

  • Texas Handgun License (CHL/LTC) Instructor
  • NRA Certified Instructor
    • Home Firearm Safety
    • Basic Pistol
    • Basic Rifle
    • Personal Protection In the Home
    • Personal Protection Outside the Home
  • Rangemaster Instructor Certification (both Basic and Advanced)
  • Tennessee State Certified Handgun Instructor
  • NRA Certified Range Safety Officer
  • Eddie Eagle Volunteer
  • Black Belt, Kuk Sool
  • Study in Kali, Silat, Jeet Kune Do, Thai Boxing, Western Boxing
  • Study in modern combatives
  • Field Medicine (LSM – Dynamic First Aid, Med-X EDC)

As a Benefactor Life member of the NRA, Life member of the TSRA, and Life member in the Second Amendment Foundation, John is a strong advocate of Second Amendment rights and personal protection and safety.

John has trained under:

With over 500 hours of training (not counting his martial arts study), John is a firm believer is continuing education. It’s critical to always be learning, always be improving.